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Inflatable Tequila Bottle: Jose Cuervo

Updated: Mar 15

Custom inflatables with very particular shapes, sizes and imaging are some of the most entertaining inflatables for us to work with. Creating the shapes is arguably the easiest thing to do and manufacturing the shapes in different sizes is all part of the same thing. It takes a lot of modeling and mathematics on our end to create inflatable shapes but we have so much experience with it all that we resort to best practices to create the true to life shapes. We also have an internal catalog of many shapes to reference that we are able to scale and use previous projects in our modeling.

Where it all comes together is in the artwork. It makes the inflatables stand out and it ties give the inflatable its texture while also making it more recognizable. For example, if you saw this inflatable as just a gray shape, there might be some sort of understanding as to what it could be but it's not until the custom printed graphics with the glass texture in that baby blue and the instantly recognizable Jose Cuervo logo are on the shape that it all makes a lot more sense.

Inflatable Tequila Bottle Replica: Jose Cuervo
Custom Inflatables: Jose Cuervo Blue Agave Bottle

Custom printing puts the brand in the customers mind because can then recognize it. With a custom inflatable replica that is a large scale of the actual product, you can take your brand everywhere you go. These inflatables are easy to install, it only takes 5-10 minutes to install, and they pack into a small package that allows you to transport it quite easily.

If you wish to know more about inflatable bottles, follow the blue link to see other examples.

Custom Inflatable Tequila Bottle Replica: Jose Cuervo
Giant Inflatable Tequila Bottle


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