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Inflatable Snow Dogg Snow Plow Replica

Updated: Mar 15

Large inflatables like this one tend to be more labor intensive because of the baffling system employed to manufacture them. Big and round inflatables require less baffling, which is this structuring system that provides the inflatable with its shape. The stripes you see on the inflatable are each individual baffles which are tunneling systems that give the inflatable its shape. If we did less baffles the inflatable would bubble up and lose its shape. With baffling like this, we are able to manufacture inflatables with unique shapes, regardless of size.

For example, a giant earth globe doesn't really require much baffling because it is more of a round shape in nature. On the other hand, if you wish to recreate a more square or rectangular shape, we might need to create an internal baffling system to help the structure hold the shape in a more orderly fashion as opposed to fluffing up and looking bloated.

Inflatable Snow Dogg Snow Plow Replica
Custom Inflatables: Snow Dogg Snow Plow

Custom Inflatable Snow Dogg Snow Plow Replica
Custom Inflatable Snow Plow

Inflatable SnowDogg Snow Plow Replica by Buyers
Snow Plow Display for Events

An example of baffling in nature is the honeycomb. It is what the bees use to create their hexagonal honeycombs to maintain their structure as rigid as possible and preventing collapse. With inflatables, our best bet is the tunneling baffle system where airflow will be guided and it will hold the full shape of the structure intact without bubbling it or compromising the overall structure.

If you wish to see more examples of inflatable replicas, follow the blue link.


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