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Giant Inflatable Tents

Inflatable event tents are some of our most customizable inflatables because they can be ordered in a wide array of shapes and multiple styles. We can manufacture anything from small to medium sized units all the way up to very large inflatable structures. The nice thing about them is that they all feature a very easy set up process. All you need to do is lay it out, plug it in and secure it so that it is stable. The smaller units can be installed in a matter of minutes while the larger units will require a little more time and effort to install. 

With an inflatable tent you can host events, use them as check in stations, entrances, food booths, dance floors or pop up stores. In reality they have many real world use cases and sometimes our customers surprise us with how they use them. Our local dog shelters often have pet adoption events in them. We also know of hospitals and health care groups that use them as portable medical stations. Our inflatable tents offer the ability to set up a semi permanent structures and since they are designed to endure harsh weather, they can be used in virtually any climate. 

Custom giant inflatable sandal keen

How do inflatable tents work?

When we design inflatable tents we begin by creating a contoured shape for the overall structure. It is the base for the inflatable with enough support for the entire structure Sometimes there is a cover that is placed on top, like on an inflatable dome or we add walls to the unit to enclosed it. We also design all in one tent inflatables that do not require assembly. With the help of advanced 3D modeling software we can create structurally sound inflatables with custom shapes. We leave enough space and create internal air flow ducts for an air blower to hoist the structure and give it its form. Of course, we use heavy duty materials to ensure a durable product. 

What does an inflatable tent cost?

We have multiple inflatable tents that are standard designs, shapes and sizes. They are basic and start at lower prices ($2900) since they are more along the lines of cookie cutter patterns in our design inventory. Prices are subject to change but feel free to ask about pricing on basic shapes. This is because we have manufactured them before and do not have to create patterns from scratch. The only thing that adds cost to standard designs are custom graphics or major size modifications.

When we are presented with unconventional designs, it takes our entire design team to formulate a feasible way to manufacture it while ensuring it is a safe structure. That is when an inflatable tent can become expensive. This is because it would take us into new grounds while creating an entirely new design. For this we would have to create custom patterns and build it from design concept to reality. We are more than capable but it definitely takes much more effort on our part which is why they are more expensive. 

Realistic Graphics

Design your own tent inflatable. This giant inflatable tent is a custom design a customer brought to us and we brought it to life. They loved it and used it as an actual pub! Best of all, it's very easy to set up.

How easy is it to inflate these tents? Extremely easy. Why waste hours trying to set up an elaborate metal frame pole tent when you can easily unroll a packed inflatable tent, plug it in, and hit that “ON” switch and watch it go up? It’s a no-brainer.

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