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Inflatable Candy Crush Replicas

Updated: Jun 9

Many video games are created just for fun and they don't tend to evolve into a massive hit with people of all ages. The games that do receive universal adoption are games that run on devices that we all have, smart phones. Candy crush is one of the largest games when it comes to downloads, plays and just overall presence in the mobile gaming industry.

Our client wanted to decorate an event with huge candy crush replicas that would hang and be scattered throughout a venue. The inflatables were 3-5 feet and they were custom designed and printed in our shop.

Inflatable Candy Crush Replicas
Giant Inflatable Candy Crush Replicas

Giant Inflatable Candy Crush Replicas
Custom Inflatables: Candy Crush Props

These inflatables are pretty unique in that you do not quite need a blower system except to inflate it initially. This is because the inflatable is a sealed inflatable. It has an internal bladder that has a sealed air valve so that the air doesn't escape. The bladder is then hidden by a custom printed cover that can be replaced if necessary. Sealed inflatables can maintain their shape and retain air for quite some time.

We have an ongoing test on a couple of sealed inflatables here in our warehouse and they have lasted for over 6 months and the other for over a year. These inflatables are truly something else and they don't require the noisy blower that can be distracting at certain functions. Of course, if there is going to be music or a lot of people, you wouldn't even hear the blower.

If you want to see more sealed inflatable examples, follow the blue link where you will see pictures, videos and more info for you to learn about them.


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