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Custom Inflatables: Dave and Buster's Banana

Updated: Mar 15

Dave and Buster's commissioned us to manufacture a Giant Inflatable Banana. It was for a special campaign called, "Banana for Scale." The 40 foot inflatable banana replica is a realistic print replica of what a banana would look like and they decided to add a grocery sticker onto the banana with their branding on it. It was displayed in Los Angeles, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Creative Inflatables is one of a few companies capable of manufacturing an inflatable so large with realistic printing. We have an in-house design team that focuses on being able to create the imaging necessary to print such a large replica. On top of this, our print shop then specializes in being able to bring that color to life while taking into account that the image is sharp enough and that there is no loss of details or textures in the print.

Giant Inflatable Banana Fruit

This particular inflatable also had something interesting, along with the monumental task that building the banana was, we were also tasked with being able to color match the Dave and Buster's logo. It's a simple logo, but color matching is a fine art, it takes a bit of work to do it properly. Of course, we were able to do it and we are proud to have worked on this project.

If you want to see more examples of giant inflatable fruits, follow the blue link.

Giant Inflatable Banana


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