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Custom Inflatable Mascot for Kia

Updated: Mar 15

There's no doubt that certain mascots become iconic in the world of marketing, even if their initial intent wasn't to serve as a flagship character. Take, for instance, the famed KIA hamster. Initially introduced as just another character in a commercial, the charming hamster quickly morphed into a central part of KIA's identity for several years, garnering tremendous success and recognition. When tasked with the challenge of bringing this beloved character to life as a colossal, 20-foot tall inflatable, our team dove deep into the creative process.

Creating such custom inflatables, especially giant inflatable mascots like the KIA hamster, demands a meticulous approach. From sourcing the exact textures, logos, and colors to crafting a detailed surface model, we ensure that the end product doesn't just look good on screen but is visually stunning when inflated. We've encountered various renditions of this hamster in the market – some appearing quite pixelated or lacking the finesse of well-defined contours. However, we pride ourselves on producing what we genuinely believe is the most visually appealing version of this mascot. Our version captures the charm and essence of the hamster, complete with a distinct KIA logo clutched in its hands.

Giant Inflatable Kia Hamster Mascot
Giant 20 Foot Inflatable Character

Our expertise doesn't stop at one mascot. With capabilities to manufacture inflatable characters spanning a wide array of shapes and sizes, we invite you to explore our diverse range of offerings. Whether you're after nostalgia, brand identity, or a fresh marketing angle, custom giant inflatable mascots like our KIA hamster can be the dynamic touch your campaign needs.

Giant Inflatable Hamster Mascot Universal Kia
Giant Inflatable Hamster Mascot Universal Kia


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