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Giant Inflatable: Kia Hamster Mascot

Updated: May 23

Some mascots become entire marketing campaigns although they do not start off as a lead mascot. This hamster was a character in a commercial but it became a huge part of the KIA identity for some years and to great success at that.

Giant Inflatable Kia Hamster Mascot
Giant 20 Foot Inflatable Character
Giant Inflatable Hamster Mascot Universal Kia
Giant Inflatable Hamster Mascot Universal Kia

Our team was tasked with being able to recreate a 3D version of the hamster holding a KIA logo. A giant custom item like this take a little more work than usual because we have to find textures, logos, colors and then create a surface model that will actually look good when it is manufactured into an inflatable. We have seen a few iterations of it and they look a bit square or 128-bit in nature without a proper contour on the curved areas. Quite frankly, we think ours is the best looking version of it.

This particular hamster was a 20 foot tall custom character. We are able to manufacture inflatable characters of all shapes and sizes and we have a couple for you to look at.


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