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Inflatable Characters: Slushii

Updated: Mar 15

Inflatable stage props are becoming increasingly popular. In the last 10 years concerts and events have been looking for ways to enhance their stage decorations. These inflatable twins were made for a DJ who wanted to have props on his stage during his set but having someone manufacture them out of a solid material would be cumbersome for transportation and installation. With inflatables they were able to hang them from the stage truss system and them light them up with directed lighting.

Since inflatables like this are portable and they pack into a small package, they were able to take them to all of their events without them taking up more space than a small backpack each.

Custom Inflatable Mascots Slushii
Custom Inflatable Mascots Slushii

As for installation, you just have to tie them down and inflate them with the included internal blower system. To inflate it you have to plug it in to a power source, the blower will do the rest. Best of all, this only takes 5 mins or less since these are very, very small inflatables.

If you want to see more examples of inflatable characters, check out this page with an extensive library of inflatable characters we have manufactured in the past.

8 ft. Custom Inflatable Slushii Mascots
Custom Inflatable Mascots - 8 Foot Tall


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