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Custom Inflatable: Seltzer Land Cup

Updated: Mar 15

Seltzer Land is a festival that showcases hard seltzers. This inflatable cup replica was used as a decoration for the event. Large props like this are great for photo-ops and they are perfect for marketing since they stand out. As a matter of fact, this replica was a large version of the custom cups they had at the event for their attendees to go around trying different seltzers. So not only was it a replica of an item that they had at the event but it was also used as a themed decoration.

Another important aspect of this inflatable cup is that the print is a huge gradient. A gradient that extends along the entire cup and it had to match perfectly or else it would look dissimilar to the cup. Our designers and printing department really put in a lot of work on this project even though it is not a massive inflatable. On top of the gradient, we had to add a logo on it and match it to the precise location along the grid of the patterns for the inflatable to make it look as close to the real thing as possible.

If you are interested in taking a look at similar custom inflatables, follow the blue link. There you will be able to see other examples of our work.

Giant Inflatable Seltzer Land Cup
Custom 8' Inflatable Cup Replica

8 ft. Custom Inflatable Cup Replica Seltzer Land
Giant Inflatable Replica of a Drink Cup


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