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Inflatable Football Tunnel: Huskies

Updated: Jun 6

For many years inflatable tunnels were just simple, single color tunnels. For example, we have over 12 stock colors for our clients to choose from if they so choose. Of course, we are able to print entire panels or projects if necessary. Eventually they were color coordinated to match a certain brand, logo or team.

Today, we've come a long way from those basic designs and have incorporated unique shapes and figures into inflatables for a new type of tunnel. Football teams like to include their mascot on their tunnels for their team entrances into stages or stadiums. We can create almost any custom shape as long as it is feasibly possible.

Custom Inflatable Football Tunnel Huskies
Custom Inflatables: Huskies Football Entrance Tunnel

Another thing to keep in mind is that some teams want their tunnels to be extra long or very tall and wide. We can meet just about any specifications necessary for our clients. Most of the time, we end up going with custom dimensions because it is far more natural to design an inflatable in a customer's specific size request than to try to make a standard size work for them.

We also have ratios and size suggestions for customers to go off but we will always be willing to design a custom shape or size.

If you want to see more inflatable tunnel examples, follow the blue link and take a look at other projects we have worked on in the past.


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