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Inflatable Arch for Aprilia

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Custom Inflatable Arch

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer known for producing high-performance racing bikes. Aprilia race days are events held by the company that give enthusiasts and fans the chance to experience the thrill of riding of their incredible machines firsthand. These events usually feature races, demonstrations, and test rides, and they are held at different locations throughout the world.

Inflatable Arch for Aprilia
Custom Inflatable Arch

The Aprilia inflatable marketing arch is typically designed to resemble the iconic Aprilia logo, with the company name prominently displayed across arch. The arch can be customized with additional graphics or text to promote specific products or events.

Aprilia Track Days
Inflatable Race Arch

One of the key benefits of using an inflatable arch is that it can be easily transported and set up at different locations. The arch can be packed into a compact carrying case for easy storage and transportation, and it can be inflated in just a few minutes using an electric blower.

25 Foot Inflatable Arch
Inflatable Arch for Aprilia

In addition to being eye-catching and portable, marketing arches are also relatively affordable compared to other types of promotional materials. They offer a high return on investment for companies looking to increase brand visibility and generate buzz at events and they tend to be the center of attention.

Inflatable Advertising Arch at Event
Inflatable Event Arch

A large advertising arch like this one fits right in when a brand is themed around a simple insignia and a very bold and vibrant color. We are proud to work on custom inflatable arches like this one whenever we get the chance and we manufacture them with the best materials we can so that the final product is a durable. Judging from the pictures, you'd think they purchased a couple of arches, but it's only one! They have used this arch over the years and it has made an appearance at many of their track days, motorcycle demos, races and other outdoor events.

Inflatable Arch at An Aprilia Race Day
Custom Inflatable Arch

If you want to know more about inflatable arches, click on the link and check out some other examples of advertising inflatables that we have manufactured for other clients. We can take your idea from a simple tubular design to a more contoured sign, logo or image.

Custom Inflatable Arches
Inflatable Arch - Aprilia


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