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Inflatable Arch: Traverse City Track Club

As a leading provider of promotional solutions, we are proud to share our recent collaboration with the Traverse City Track Club, based in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. Renowned for organizing exciting and competitive track meets and races, the club turned to us with a unique challenge - they needed a heavy-duty inflatable arch that could withstand the demands of their bustling events while also serving as a striking visual centerpiece.

Inflatable Arch Traverse City Track Club
Inflatable Arch: Traverse City Track Club

From the moment we took on this project, it was clear that the track club needed more than just an ordinary inflatable arch. They required a robust, durable product that could stand the test of time, weather, and enthusiastic athletes. This meant not only using top-tier materials in the manufacturing process, but also utilizing innovative techniques to ensure the finished product was of the highest standard.

Our team was excited to dive headfirst into the project. The design phase was a closely collaborative process, where we worked hand-in-hand with the club to create a custom concept that encapsulated their spirit and mission. The design was sleek, vibrant, and eye-catching, encapsulating the dynamism and vigor of the club's activities.

Custom Inflatable Arch Bayshore
Custom Inflatable Arch with Sponsor Logos

Moving on to the production stage, we utilized our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to bring the design to life. This process involved intricate craftsmanship and precision, as we needed to ensure that the arch was not only visually appealing but also structurally sound and durable. After rigorous testing for stability and durability, we were thrilled to deliver a heavy-duty inflatable arch that exceeded the club's expectations. Since its introduction, the arch has proven to be an outstanding landmark at the club’s events, boosting their branding and giving athletes a distinctive and thrilling start and finish line.

This project demonstrates our commitment to providing personalized, high-quality promotional solutions to our clients. We are delighted to have been a part of the Traverse City Track Club’s journey, and we look forward to working on similar innovative projects in the future. We believe that every event, like every client, is unique. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing bespoke solutions that meet your individual needs. From concept and design to manufacturing and installation, we are here to help you make a lasting impression.

Whether you're organizing a marathon, a local fair, or a corporate event, our customized inflatable arches can add that extra flair and visibility you desire. Contact us today, and let’s start designing your memorable event experience. If you would like to see more examples of other custom inflatable arches, follow the link.


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