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Giant Inflatable Hippo

Updated: Jun 8

A giant inflatable hippo is an oversized version of an inflatable hippo replica, designed to be much larger than a standard inflatable hippo toy. Giant inflatable animals can range in size, with some reaching up to 15 feet or more in length. Of course, we can manufacture one to the specs of your choice and if needed, we can add custom branding, logos, printing and imaging.

Giant Inflatable Animals: Hippo
Giant Inflatable Hippo Replica

Giant inflatable hippos are popular for use in outdoor settings, such as zoo exhibitions, educational fairs or for large events. They are often used as giant inflatable decorations, and their playful and whimsical appearance makes them a fun and memorable addition to any gathering. Where else will you be able to get so close to a replica of one without the possible danger of being so close to one?

One of the benefits of a giant inflatable hippo is its size and presence. They can be easily spotted from a distance, making them an ideal centerpiece or attraction for outdoor events. Additionally, we manufacture them from durable materials that can withstand outdoor elements and regular use. Giant inflatable hippos should be properly anchored or weighted down to prevent them from being blown away by strong winds or other weather conditions. It is also recommended to supervise children while they are using the inflatables to ensure their safety.

Giant Inflatable Hippo Ballerina

The giant ballerina hippo is one of our favorites. It is both eye catching and slightly scary but it is always a customer favorite. It is nearly impossible to miss and we know for a fact that when you install such a large inflatable anywhere, it will draw attention. It really is a surreal piece that adds flair to any location.

While this inflatable deviates from the realistic design and offers a more playful appearance, it is still very popular. The ballerina hippo is a great decoration for theater, dance studios or even the circus!

Giant Inflatable Hippo Ballerina
Inflatable Ballerina Hippo

Giant Inflatable Hippo (sitting)

This is one of four inflatable hippo designs that we have manufactured in the past. For some reason, they are incredibly popular and so we have had to create different models that meet out clients expectations and that fulfill their goals. This sitting model is one of them and it boast being the most popular of the four we offer. Of course, we have designed a very realistic model that we think will eclipse this ones' popularity. They will both remain in our inflatable rentals inventory and we will continue to expand our inflatable animals catalog.

Giant Inflatable Hippo (sitting)
Air Brushed Inflatable Hippo (from 1996)

The sitting hippo inflatable is one of our realistic animal designs. The giant inflatable towers over events while also attracting attention to a location. It is the perfect prop for animal parks, conservations and museums.

Inflatable Safari Hippo Prop

Our realistic hippos are are available in multiple sizes. In this picture you can see the parent and offspring combo that can be achieved if they are placed side by side. The smaller one is a 3 foot tall inflatable and the larger one is 5 feet tall.

Inflatable Safari Hippo Prop
Air Brushed Inflatable Hippo (from 1993)

Of course, these are a bit outdated so we aim to be able to bring a whole new range of animals to our inflatable rentals inventory. You can also customize your own and use these as a base or completely redesign it to your liking.


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