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Inflatable Animals: Giant Inflatable Crab

Updated: Mar 15

Our inflatable crab is one of our most intricate animal replicas. It has a true to form body with realistic graphics and features. It is perfect for restaurants, symposiums, museums or exhibitions. This design is one of our oldest and even to this day it stands up to the competition. The idea for realistic inflatables has been around for quite a while and we have come a long way from our original designs. Today we model everything with incredible detail and then we manufacture it with heavy duty materials to create a final product that not only stands out visually but has uncompromised quality.

Giant Crab Replica
Giant Inflatable Crab

Giant inflatable crab displays are large-scale advertising or decorative displays for a variety of events, such as seafood festivals, beach parties, and even at aquariums or zoos. Some of these pictures are at a wine festival that was held near the beach.

These giant inflatable displays are manufactured with a vinyl coated polyester and can range in size from a few feet to several stories tall. We use very detailed and vibrant colored designs to create an eye-catching display that is sure to grab attention of any event attendee. They are also great for photo opportunities since they are very large displays.

Big Inflatable Crab Replica
Inflatable Crab

Giant Inflatable crabs can be used for a variety of purposes. They may be used to promote a seafood restaurant or crab festival, as well as to decorate a beach party or other outdoor event. They can also be used to add a playful touch to an aquarium or zoo exhibit.

Inflatable Animals: Crab
Hanging Inflatable Crab Display

Giant inflatable animal displays are a fun and effective way to attract attention and create a memorable experience for those who see them.

Giant Inflatable Crab
Old Picture of One of Our First Inflatable Crabs


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