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Giant Inflatable Mushroom Prop

Updated: May 23

The amanita muscaria mushroom is one of the most recognizable mushrooms on the planet. As a matter of fact, when people think of mushrooms, this is the image they have in mind. We were tasked with being able to create a brand new inflatable mushroom because we have a couple of them in our inventory but for the most part they are very cartoony in nature.

Giant Inflatable Mushroom Prop
Inflatable Replicas: 15-Foot Tall Inflatable Amanita Muscaria Mushroom

The realistic print, patters and texture are all the work of one of our best designers who can translate just about anything he puts his mind to into an inflatable. The amount of work here is incredibly detailed and difficult to master. Finally, after the design is done, our production team takes the designs and they have to figure out how to bring it to life. It is a lengthy process but it the results are great!


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