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Custom Inflatable: Rick and Morty Wendy's Tunnels

Updated: Apr 7

Manufacturing custom giant Inflatables like this is a challenge but the end result is always something memorable. Wendy's commissioned us to create a couple of giant inflatable tunnels that were going to be used to a special occasion.

We didn't know exactly what it was going to be because it was under wraps. Eventually, once we cleared some requirements for them, they went ahead and told us what the special project was. It goes without saying, that if we need to sign an NDA, we will.

Custom Inflatable: Rick and Morty Wendy's Tunnels
Custom Inflatables: Rick and Morty Tunnels

They were creating a marketing campaign with the creators of Rick and Morty to turn a couple of Wendy's locations into Rick and Morty themed stores. The locations were going to have an entrance and an exit. On one end of the entrance, they would have a Rick and it has its mouth open with that as the entrance and a Morty was the exit once you drove through or walked through the location (they had multiple and they had different approaches for each.)

Custom Inflatable Tunnels Rick and Mortys Wendys
Giant Inflatable Tunnels for Rick and Morty Mayhem

It was an overnight sensation and they had far more people than they expected. The inflatables were the largest prop on site and they made for picture opportunities with fans and event attendees. The lines for these events were like something out of a highly anticipated day 1 panel at comic-con. The event had unique merch and items that were only found at the event and it was a 1 day event so merchandise was limited and they only had so many items of each thing. This exclusivity and sudden appearance made for a frenzy of fans trying to make it to the event to see what all the rage was about.

We love working with clients on custom projects and being able to meet their expectations. As a matter of fact, we had a quick turnaround time with these. We designed, manufactured and shipped them within the span of 2 weeks when it takes 2-3 weeks for a normal project.

If you wish to see more inflatable tunnels, follow the blue link and you'll find pictures, videos and ideas for your own inflatable.


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