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Custom Inflatable Tunnel: Legion SD

Updated: Mar 15

Inflatable football tunnels, also known as air-filled football tunnels or inflatable sports tunnels, are large, air-filled structures designed to create a tunnel-like entrance for football teams to run through onto the field. Inflatable football tunnels are typically used at high school, college, and professional football games, as well as at other sporting events such as soccer, basketball, and baseball. This inflatable tunnel is for the San Diego rugby team, Legion SD.

They are usually set up near the field entrance and inflated using an air pump. Once inflated, the tunnel creates a visually impressive entrance for the team to run through, often accompanied by music, smoke, or other special effects. In addition to their use at sporting events, inflatable football tunnels are also often used for marketing and promotional purposes. They can be customized with corporate branding and used at trade shows, conferences, and other events to create a memorable and eye-catching display.

Inflatable Football Helmet Tunnel Legion SD
Custom Inflatable Tunnel: Legion SD


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