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Custom Inflatable Arch: Highlands College

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The thrill of the start and finish line at a marathon is a moment that deserves to be marked with an iconic symbol, which is why Highland College entrusted us to create a custom inflatable arch for their 10k Half Marathon. The arch's vivid colors and impressive size made it impossible to miss, ensuring it could be seen from a distance, drawing attention and serving as a beacon for runners and spectators alike. This impressive arch didn't just mark the start and finish line; it became a symbol of the event itself.

Custom Inflatable Arch Highlands College Half Marathon
Inflatable Arch: Highlands College Half Marathon

Highland College's custom inflatable arch was created with the event's specific needs in mind. It was crafted to be more than just a functional piece; it was designed to be a centerpiece that added a festive atmosphere to the marathon. The bright colors chosen for the arch ensured it stood out, making it the perfect backdrop for media photos and participants' pictures. It served as a testament to the spirit and energy of the event, and it was here, under this arch, that runners experienced the triumphant emotions of starting and completing the marathon.

Custom Inflatable Arch Highlands College
Custom Inflatable Arch: Highlands College

In the world of event planning, the importance of creating memorable touchpoints cannot be overstated. An inflatable arch, like the one we designed for Highland College, provides an opportunity to create a focal point that resonates with participants and attendees. It transforms the start and finish line from a mere boundary to an unforgettable moment, enhancing the overall experience of the event. As runners crossed under the arch, they felt a sense of accomplishment that was heightened by the grandeur of the structure.

As part of the event's branding, the inflatable arch helped to create a cohesive look and feel for the marathon. Its prominence made it a natural gathering point for runners, spectators, and media, providing a central hub for the event. As photos were taken under the arch and shared on social media, it helped to generate buzz and visibility for the marathon, contributing to its overall success.

Custom inflatable arches, like the one we created for Highland College, provide an opportunity for event organizers to make a lasting impression on their audience. Whether it's a marathon, a fair, or a corporate event, an inflatable arch can be customized to fit the theme and branding of the event, adding a touch of excitement and grandeur. At Creative Inflatables, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality inflatable arches that meet our clients' specific needs, turning their vision into reality. If you're looking to create a similar impact for your event, we invite you to explore the limitless possibilities that our custom inflatables have to offer.

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