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Custom Giant Inflatables: George Fox University Bear

Updated: Jun 10

Our most recent project took us to the realm of academia, where we were commissioned by George Fox University to craft a 25-foot representation of their cherished mascot – a bear. Every educational institution requires symbols and touchpoints that resonate deeply with its student body, alumni, and supporters. The bear, embodying pride and spirit, has long been a significant figure for George Fox University. Our challenge was to bring this emblem to life on a grand scale, offering students and visitors a tangible representation of university pride.

Inflatable Mascot George Fox University
Giant Inflatable Mascot: George Fox University

Elevate your campus, event, or brand with a custom inflatable bear tailored to your exact specifications. Just like we did for George Fox University, we can turn your mascot or symbol into a towering, interactive monument. Our 25-foot bear isn't just an inflatable; it's an experience. When students gather around, take pictures, and share them on platforms ranging from the school newspaper to social media, it's clear: the presence of such a colossal mascot captures hearts, creates memories, and enhances brand visibility.

Introducing our 25-foot custom inflatable bear, masterfully designed for George Fox University. This giant mascot not only captures the essence of the university's symbol but also serves as an interactive focal point for students and visitors. Crafted with precision, it transforms any space into a hub of school spirit and pride. Ideal for university campuses, sporting events, and more, this inflatable bear stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality custom inflatables tailored to your needs.

Inflatable Character George Fox University
Giant 25 Foot Inflatable Bear Mascot


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