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Where Can I Buy a Bud Light Inflatable

Updated: Mar 15

We specializes in creating custom inflatables for various events and marketing campaigns. One of their popular products is the inflatable beer bottle and can replica, which is often used by beverage companies for promotional purposes.

To create an inflatable beer can replica, we start by designing a 3D model of the can using computer-aided design (CAD) software. The design includes all the details of the can, including the shape, size, and graphics. Once the design is finalized, the team uses specialized software to create a digital pattern for the inflatable.

Inflatable Beer Can Replica
20-foot Bud Light Can Replica

The pattern is then printed on a very large printer that digitally prints directly onto the media we use for inflatables. It is then cut and sewn together by our production team who carefully assembles the replica with great attention to detail. Finally, it is tested with a blower system, which is included with all of our inflatables, to ensure it is working exactly as it should.

Bud Light is one of the companies that has continually used our services to create an inflatable beer can replica. This 20-foot Bud Light inflatable is designed to look exactly like a can of Bud Light, with the same blue and white graphics and logo. The inflatable is used at various events and marketing campaigns, such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events, to promote the Bud Light brand.

Inflatable Bud Light Can Replica
Giant Inflatable Beer Can: 20-foot Bud Light Replica


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