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Inflatable Rentals: Statues

Updated: 4 days ago

Inflatable statue rentals, our innovative and eye-catching decor for any type of event. Unlike conventional statues carved from stone or cast in bronze, these inflatable statues offer a playful and practical alternative that can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary settings.

Inflatable statues come in a diverse array of designs, from majestic representations of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty to renditions of iconic characters such as our gigantic baby or a muscular bodybuilder. This variety allows event planners and marketers to choose pieces that not only enhance the theme of their events but also captivate and engage attendees.

The distinctive appeal of these inflatables lies in their flexibility and creativity. They are not bound by the weight and fragility of traditional materials; instead, they are crafted from durable, lightweight fabrics that can be easily transported and installed. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, providing a focal point that is as sturdy as it is striking. Whether used to highlight historical education at a school event, add a touch of humor to a party, or draw attention at a promotional gathering, they offer a unique blend of entertainment and practicality. As we explore the various aspects of statue rentals, you'll discover how they can add not just visual interest but also an element of surprise and delight to your next event.

Inflatable Statue: Abraham Lincoln
Inflatable Statue: Abraham Lincoln

Inventory Available

Our collection of inflatable rentals includes a wide range of statue designs, each crafted to meet the diverse needs and themes of different events. From historical figures to iconic characters and custom designs, they offer versatility and a unique aesthetic appeal.

Historical Figures

Our selection of historical figures brings a touch of elegance and educational value to any event. For instance:

  • Abraham Lincoln Bust: Perfect for educational events, patriotic celebrations, or any gathering that honors American history.

Rental Inflatables: Abraham Lincoln's Statue
Rental Inflatables: Abraham Lincoln's Statue

  • Statue of Liberty: Ideal for Fourth of July events, New York-themed parties, or any other celebrations.

Rental Inflatables: Statue of Liberty
Rental Inflatables: Statue of Liberty
Giant Inflatable Statue of Liberty
Giant Inflatable Statue of Liberty

  • Nefertiti’s Head: Adds an exotic and ancient allure to cultural festivals or museum events.

They not only decorate the venue but also inspire and educate attendees about significant historical and cultural figures.

Iconic Characters

For a lighter, more playful atmosphere, our range of iconic characters includes:

  • Baby: A delightful addition to baby showers or first birthday parties. Its charming appearance brings a touch of innocence and joy to any family-focused event.

  • Giant Bodybuilder: Perfect for fitness expos, gym openings, or health and wellness events. This statue not only promotes fitness but also serves as an inspiring visual for guests to admire.

  • Chef: Great for food festivals, culinary shows, or restaurant openings. It adds a fun and thematic touch, making it a favorite among food enthusiasts and event-goers alike.

  • Jester: Ideal for themed parties, carnival events, or any festive gathering that aims to entertain and amuse. The jester's colorful and whimsical design is sure to capture the attention and imagination of all attendees.

  • King Neptune: A majestic addition to sea-themed events, aquarium openings, or any venue celebrating marine life and mythology. King Neptune brings a regal and mythical element to the event's atmosphere, enhancing thematic storytelling and decor.

These fun and whimsical designs can bring joy and humor to your event, making it memorable and engaging for all ages.

Custom Designs

For those who need something truly unique, we offer custom inflatable statues tailored to specific themes or client requests. Whether you need a bespoke piece to match your event’s theme or want to promote a brand with a custom-designed mascot, our team can create a one-of-a-kind inflatable that perfectly fits your needs. This service allows you to explore creative boundaries and bring your imaginative concepts to life, ensuring your event stands out from the rest.

Popular Uses

Inflatable statues, available for rent in a variety of pre-designed forms, serve as impressive focal points and educational tools at many types of events. Here’s how these statues can enhance different settings:

Event Decoration

  • Festivals: Statues like the Statue of Liberty or Abraham Lincoln can anchor themed festival areas, offering guests unique photo opportunities and enhancing the festival's atmosphere.

  • Corporate Gatherings: Use them to add a sophisticated or thematic flair to corporate events, such as a company anniversary or a promotional event.

  • Themed Parties: From historical figures at a gala to iconic characters at a private party, these statues add depth and interest to the decor, aligning perfectly with the event’s theme.

Marketing and Promotions

While not customizable for specific brand logos due to their rental nature, they still play a significant role in marketing and promotional efforts:

  • Public Spaces: Large, eye-catching inflatables like a chef or bodybuilder can draw attention in public venues, promoting themed events or related business offerings.

  • Special Sales Events: Statues placed near retail or commercial settings can attract crowds and create a buzz, indirectly supporting sales promotions.

Educational Purposes

They are also valuable for educational applications:

  • Schools and Educational Events: Statues of historical figures can serve as engaging educational tools during school history days, civic holidays, or community events, bringing lessons to life in an interactive way.

These applications showcase the versatility of these statues, underlining their ability to not only enhance the visual appeal of an event but also serve educational and promotional purposes within the constraints of their rental designs.

Setup Process

Setting up your inflatable correctly is crucial for ensuring their stability and visual impact at your event. Follow this step-by-step guide to install your statue safely:

  1. Choose the Right Location: Before inflating, select a level, open area free of sharp objects, debris, and high traffic. Ensure the location is visible to guests but doesn't obstruct pathways or emergency exits.

  2. Unpack and Unroll: Carefully remove the statue from its storage bag and gently unroll it on the selected site.

  3. Begin Inflation: Connect and turn on the blower. Allow the statue to inflate gradually.

  4. Secure the Statue: Once fully inflated, use the provided ropes and stakes to anchor the statue firmly to the ground. For indoor setups, sandbags or weighted bases may be used to stabilize the structure.

  5. Check for Stability: Gently push on the statue to ensure it is firmly anchored and stable. Adjust the stakes or weights if it shifts easily.

By following these installation tips, your inflatable statues will not only look their best but also remain safe and secure throughout the duration of your event, regardless of the weather or crowd conditions.

How to Rent

Renting an inflatable for your event is a straightforward process designed to ensure that you receive the perfect addition to your venue with minimal hassle. Here's how it works:

Consultation: Our team will consult with you to understand your needs and preferences. We'll discuss various options and help you navigate through our range of inflatable statues.

  1. Selection: Choose the inflatable statue that best fits your event’s theme and audience. We offer a wide range from historical figures to iconic characters and more.

  2. Quote and Agreement: Once you select a statue, we'll provide a detailed quote and rental agreement. This document will cover rental terms, pricing, and any other services you might need, such as additional setup assistance.

  3. Scheduling Delivery: We arrange for the delivery to your event location, ensuring it arrives well before the event begins.

  4. Installation: Our team can provide installation support (if necessary) to set up the structure safely and correctly, or we'll provide detailed instructions for you or your event staff to set up.

  5. Event Day: Enjoy having it at your event! It will serve as a focal point and a conversation starter among your guests.

Choosing the Right Statue

Selecting the right inflatable statue involves considering several factors:

  • Event Theme: Ensure the statue complements the theme of your event. For example, choose a historical figure for an educational event or something fun like an inflatable chef for a food festival.

  • Venue Size: Consider the size of your venue. Larger spaces can accommodate bigger or multiple statues, whereas smaller venues might be best suited for a single, smaller piece.

  • Guest Interests: Think about the interests and demographics of your event attendees. Choose a statue that will resonate and connect with them.

  • Visibility and Impact: Decide how you want the statue to impact your event. If you want it to be a major draw, go for something bold and large. For a subtler touch, a smaller, more refined piece might be appropriate.

By considering these aspects, you can ensure that the product you rent not only enhances the aesthetic of your event but also contributes positively to the overall experience of your guests.

Inflatable statue rentals offer a unique blend of visual appeal and practical versatility that can transform any event into a memorable experience. These statues are not only eye-catching focal points but also versatile pieces that can adapt to a variety of themes and settings. From historical figures that add a touch of elegance to iconic characters that inject fun and excitement, they are designed to captivate and engage audiences of all ages.

As you plan your next event, consider the dynamic impact an inflatable statue could make. Whether you’re organizing a corporate function, a community festival, or a private party, our inflatable statues are sure to add an element of surprise and delight that your guests will not soon forget.

Ready to make a big impression at your next event? Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore the options available for rental. Visit our website, call us, or email us for more information and to start the rental process. We are here to help you choose the perfect statue that will make your event truly standout.


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