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Giant Inflatable Turkey

Updated: Mar 15

A symbol of bounty and festivity, the turkey is deeply entrenched in American culture, celebrated beyond the sumptuous roast we cherish on our Thanksgiving tables. This is where our giant inflatable turkey comes in, embodying the spirit of tradition and community. Standing between 10 to 25 feet, it doesn't belong in an oven, but as a centerpiece to your Thanksgiving festivities. Envision it proudly perched atop a building, gracing the entrance to a grand event, or even outside your home, spreading holiday cheer to everyone who passes by.

Giant Inflatable Thanksgiving Turkey
Giant Inflatable Turkey

Our inflatable turkey draws inspiration from the North American turkey, renowned for its impressive body size and stunning feather arrays. Among hunters, this bird is notably sought-after, often considered the pinnacle to achieving a hunting grand slam. But with our inflatable version, no hunting is required! A visual marvel that doubles as an advertising canvas, its ample surface area can host banners, logos, or personalized messages, making it not just an emblem of celebration but also a beacon for your brand or message.

Beyond its visual grandeur, this turkey offers unparalleled portability. For something so colossal, it packs surprisingly light, ensuring setups and transfers are a breeze. And for those based in the Greater Los Angeles Area, our dedicated team is ready to assist with its installation and dismantling. If you're beyond our immediate reach, rest assured you'll have step-by-step instructions for a smooth setup. This year, or for any grand occasion on the horizon, elevate the atmosphere with a touch of the spectacular. Make your event truly unforgettable with our iconic inflatable turkey.


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