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Giant Inflatable: Johnny Cuba Beer Can

Updated: Mar 15

Tall inflatable replicas of items like these large scale inflatable cans are a very common request from clients. Typically, clients ask for 8-10 foot tall replicas which they can take with their marketing teams to events where they can promote their products. Every so often, we also have clients who need a huge 50 foot tall version of their items replicated. Regardless of size, we can manufacture inflatable replicas with high quality artwork that looks exactly like the actual product.

This is because of our in-house designers who are great image handlers. They will look at the artwork and let you know if the artwork is good enough to print onto the inflatable without pixelating the image. We also work hard to recreate artwork but it's far more involved when it comes down to that.

Giant Inflatable Johnny Cuba Beer Can
Custom Inflatables: Johnny Cuba Beer Cans

Once we have your artwork, we begin mapping it onto the inflatable figure which we 3D model and then we use state-of-the-art software to create patterns for the inflatable. Once the inflatable is gutted and patterned, we are able to overlay the artwork to make it match and line up as best as possible on the inflatable. Then our high tech printers will print the inflatable with your dedicated graphics.

If you want to see more examples of inflatable can replicas, follow the blue link and take a look at some pictures and learn a bit more about them.

Giant Inflatable Replica: Johnny Cuba Beer Can
Giant Inflatable Beer Cans


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