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Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Updated: Mar 15

Throwing a beach themed party? Use one of our inflatable Beach ball replicas to spice things up. This colorful beach ball inflatable is meant to look like those common beach balls that you find at most pool supply stores.

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball
Giant Inflatable Beach Balls

Not to be confused for an actual beach ball, this promotional beach ball inflatable is not meant to actually be tossed around, but more of a decoration. This inflatable prop is available in two inflation options: continuous blower and airtight. Both models have their pros and cons. The cold air (continuous) model is easier to set up, but requires constant electricity in order to remain inflated, like one of those jumper bounce houses. Whereas our airtight model needs to be inflated once, but it's a bit heavier since it requires an internal air bladder. Both models offer versatility. Commercial grade. Made in the USA.


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