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Giant Inflatable Ghost

Updated: Jun 11

Giant Inflatable Ghost, the epitome of Halloween enchantment, is an emblem of artistry that goes beyond conventional inflatables, creating a mesmerizing experience. Proudly crafted in our Los Angeles facility in South El Monte, our inflatables exemplify superior craftsmanship, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, this larger-than-life apparition is not merely a decoration; it's a carefully designed representation, promising to infuse your events with a perfect blend of spookiness and delight.

Part of our exclusive Halloween-themed inflatables collection, the Heavy-Duty Giant Ghost Inflatable stands as a testament to unparalleled quality and durability. Versatile in application, this robust inflatable ghost is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use under almost any weather conditions. This inflatable includes all of the necessary components for a full installation. Inflating our giant ghost is a seamless process, providing convenience for your event setup. Effortlessly bring it to life and let the haunting commence in just a few minutes. Its rugged design makes it an ideal choice for year-round festivities, ensuring a lasting impact on every occasion.

30-Foot Inflatable Ghost
Giant Halloween Inflatables: 30-Foot Inflatable Ghost

When it comes to inflatable rentals, our professional installation team caters to the greater Los Angeles area, ensuring a seamless setup that highlights your chosen inflatables at any event.

Explore unparalleled versatility with our range of giant inflatables, available for both purchase and rent. Customize these inflatable marvels to your precise needs, choosing from sizes ranging from a modest 10 feet to an imposing 30 feet. Our inflatables go beyond mere decoration; they serve as customizable canvases, perfect for marketing campaigns with custom advertising. Enhance your chosen inflatable by adding branding, logos, imagery, or a removable banner.

This giant halloween inflatable is perfect for photo opportunities, social media campaigns, and other marketing strategies. With various size options, our Giant Inflatables cater to event planners, theme park operators, homeowners, and businesses seeking standout features for diverse occasions, ready to elevate any event, venue, or occasion, such as:

  • Event Planners: Perfect for themed events, serving as a captivating centerpiece.

  • Theme Parks: A must-have attraction for creating enchanting atmospheres.

  • Haunted Houses: Enhances the spooky ambiance of haunted house attractions.

  • Marketing Agencies: Unique and eye-catching promotional tool for campaigns.

  • Corporate Events: Makes a bold statement and creates a memorable experience.

  • Outdoor Festivals: Adds a spooky vibe to outdoor festivals.

  • Retail Spaces: Unique and attention-grabbing decoration, especially during festive seasons.

  • Photography Studios: Creative prop for unique and themed photo opportunities.

  • Film and TV Productions: Ideal for creating captivating scenes in films, TV shows, or commercials.

  • Homeowners: Perfect for individuals aiming to transform their yards into show-stopping displays during Halloween or other festive occasions.

Illuminate your space with the ghostly glow of LED lights, offering a spectrum of options from crisp white to vibrant colors. This internal lighting not only adds a magical touch to nighttime events but ensures visibility during the day, making it a stunning centerpiece for your garden, yard, lawn, patio, porch, or any outdoor venue.

Giant Halloween Inflatables - Ghost
Giant Inflatable Ghost

Ideal for Halloween-themed events, our inflatable ghost takes center stage, whether perched on haunted house rooftops or captivating visitors in front of a spooky house. Picture the impact of a set of Halloween inflatables in theme parks, creating an enchanting yet eerie atmosphere.

We take pride in upholding the quality of our products with a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty, providing an extra layer of assurance and peace of mind for our valued customers. This warranty covers a range of aspects, from material durability to craftsmanship, guaranteeing that your inflatable ghost stands resilient against the test of time. We understand the importance of longevity, which is why we use industrial grade materials. With our warranty in place, you can revel in the magic of the moment without any worries, knowing that your Giant Inflatable Ghost is backed by a commitment to excellence that extends well beyond the haunting season. Haunt responsibly!


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