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Giant Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin

Updated: Apr 19

Giant Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin
Large Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin

Our inflatable pumpkins are great for use during the Halloween season. We offer various types, including fully printed, semi-printed, and a model with an added base as an option. Our realistic pumpkin looks just like the real thing, only MASSIVE. Our semi-printed model has printed eyes and mouth, with a solid orange base. Whereas, our pumpkin with base is specially designed for rooftops with limited visibility. Our rooftop model features a raised platform that makes it easy to set up and increases visibility. The base, being wide and flat also increases stability. The increased height of the base is designed for parapet clearance. An adorable Jack-O'-Lantern like this one here is sure to bring in some trick-or-treaters. Shining bright orange, this pumpkin will bring attention to your home, business, or establishment in no time. This pumpkin replica is perfect for pumpkin patches as well as other children related Halloween events. Incredibly easy to set up, our pumpkin can also be used for stores, malls, and parks. Made in the USA.


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