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Giant Inflatable Shaq Shoe

Updated: Jun 7

Shaquille O'Neal wanted to create a larger-than-life inflatable replica of his iconic basketball shoe. The giant custom inflatable shoe is designed to capture the attention of fans and spectators, serving as a symbol of Shaq's larger-than-life personality and his impact on the basketball world. It was displayed at the Staples Center, before it was renamed, and it was a huge attraction for people to take a picture with while promoting the shoe.

The inflatable shoe is strategically placed in high-traffic areas, such as outside sports arenas, shopping malls, or popular tourist destinations. It became a popular photo opportunity, where fans can pose beside the massive shoe and share their pictures on social media. Fans were also able to stand in the shoe, as featured below.

Giant Inflatable Shaq Shoe
Giant Inflatable Shoe for Advertising: Shaq

We were tasked with being able to capture the shoe as true to life as possible. Creating a large replica like this one is very labor intensive as it features unique curvatures and very detailed patterns and textures that we have to captivate for it to be a great replica of the original shoe. We also had to capture the bright yellow in the shoe to be as real as possible to the original in order to keep a consistency with the brand.

Shaquille O'Neal himself actively participates in the advertising campaign. He makes appearances at specific events or interacts with fans at designated locations where the giant inflatable shoe is displayed. This allows fans to meet the basketball legend, have their pictures taken, and even receive autographs, creating unforgettable experiences.

Custom inflatable shoe Shaq
Custom Inflatable Shaq Show at the Staples Center

Overall, this advertising campaign featuring a giant inflatable shoe for Shaquille O'Neal serves as a captivating and memorable way to promote the shoe brand, celebrate Shaq's legacy, and create unique experiences for fans and consumers alike.

Custom inflatable tennis shoe Shaq
Inflatable Shoe for Shaq Fans at the Staples Center


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