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Giant Inflatable Lobster

Updated: Jun 7

Diving deep into the world of giant inflatable designs, our 70-foot long lobster stands as a monumental representation of both creativity and craftsmanship. As one of our most detailed and realistic creations, it captures the essence of the ocean's renowned crustacean in vibrant shades of red. This massive piece isn't just an inflatable; it's a statement, showcasing our unmatched ability to bring larger-than-life visions to reality.

Giant Inflatable Lobster - Taste of Maine
70-Foot Long Inflatable Lobster

Many recognize lobsters as a culinary delicacy, and our realistic lobster design has become a favorite among restaurants and seafood markets. Its size is measured in length, honoring the authentic characteristics of a real lobster. Whether draped atop a restaurant, suspended for a grand entrance, or gracing the rooftop of a landmark building, this inflatable brings an iconic marine creature to life in grand scale. The visual impact of our 70-foot creation was so profound for Taste of Maine that it not only boosted a marketing campaign but also became a local sensation. Media outlets, city dignitaries, and celebrities all were drawn to its magnificence, proving the undeniable power of unique promotional tools.

This Lobster Inflatable is a unique and eye-catching piece perfect for various events and venues.

Its striking presence is not just a visual spectacle but also a versatile tool for engaging audiences and highlighting themes. This inflatable masterpiece is ideal for a range of clients, each finding unique ways to incorporate it into their settings. This inflatable, as with most of our inflatables, is available as one of the many inflatables in our inflatable rentals catalog. Here are some of the potential clients and venues that can benefit from this magnificent inflatable:"

  • Seafood Restaurants and Markets: For attracting customers and highlighting seafood offerings.

  • Coastal and Marine-Themed Festivals: As a centerpiece that celebrates marine life and biodiversity.

  • Aquariums: To captivate visitors right at the entrance, enhancing the aquatic experience.

  • Event Planners: Hosting ocean-themed events or culinary fairs, offering a thematic and memorable touch.

  • Culinary Fairs and Exhibitions: Drawing attention and creating a thematic setting around seafood.

Custom Inflatable Cooked Lobster 70 Feet Long
Inflatable Animal Replicas: 70-Foot Long Giant Inflatable Lobster

In the vast realm of event planning and brand promotions, the lobster serves as a versatile centerpiece fit for diverse venues and themes. Aquariums can magnify their oceanic exhibits by featuring this colossal crustacean at their entrance, providing an exciting photo opportunity for visitors and fostering a deeper connection with marine life even before they step inside.

Seafood markets and shops can use it to not only signal the freshness and variety of their offerings but also to create a visual landmark in bustling marketplaces. Even coastal festivals celebrating marine biodiversity or events promoting sustainable seafood consumption can utilize our lobster as an emblem of their cause. More than just a visual attraction, this inflatable symbolizes genuine dedication. It's a go-to for events and businesses wanting to give their audience a standout experience.

For those seeking a more whimsical touch or have space constraints, we haven't left you out. Our catalog also boasts a smaller, more cartoonish version of the lobster. Simplistic in design and devoid of the intricate details of its colossal counterpart, it offers versatility and ease of installation for various events and promotions.

Giant Lobster Inflatable
Inflatable Animals - Lobster

In an industry teeming with common designs, our team prides itself on pushing boundaries. The giant inflatable lobster, alongside our diverse collection of giant inflatable animals, testifies to our commitment to innovation, precision, and customer satisfaction. Every project we undertake, whether it's a mammoth 70-footer or a modest cartoon rendition, receives our full dedication. As we continue to expand and enhance our offerings, we remain the go-to destination for those in search of impactful, custom inflatable solutions.

Giant Lobster
Lobster Inflatable


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