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Custom Inflatable: Giant Rockstar Can Replica

Updated: Mar 15

Rockstar Rockstar Energy is a popular energy drink brand known for its edgy branding and marketing strategies. One of their marketing tools includes custom inflatable can replicas that are designed to look like giant versions of their energy drink cans.

The inflatable can replicas are highly customizable, with the ability to add branding and messaging to the exterior of the can. They can also be illuminated with LED lighting to create a striking visual impact, especially in low-light environments. When we print the imaging on the can, it is only after the client has approved their logo and image placement. We also perform color matching for such large prints in order to maintain the company's brand in line with their image/branding guidelines.

Giant Inflatable Energy Drink Can Rockstar

These giant inflatables are designed to be highly visible and eye-catching, which makes them perfect for use at events and trade shows where brands are trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these giant custom inflatables are sure to draw attention and leave a lasting impression.


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