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Giant Inflatable Astronaut

Updated: Mar 15

Being an astronaut is something a lot of kids want to do, especially with our technology in rocketry and propulsion advancing so quickly. We now have rockets that can even come back to Earth after being shot into space! Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, we could probably now have advanced interstellar crafts that could take us vast distances quickly, if it wasn't for the greedy oil industry suppressing renewable energy technology.

Giant Inflatable Astronaut Prop
Giant Inflatable Astronaut

Oh well, for now Astronauts will have to use tiny reusable rockets instead of big, cool spaceships, like the Starship Enterprise. This inflatable astronaut is meant to inspire anyone that likes to look up at the stars. An astronaut inflatable like this is ideal for school events, as well as museums and planetariums, but can also be used for concerts and television productions.


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