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Custom Inflatables for Product Launches

Incorporating custom inflatables into your product launches can significantly enhance your brand visibility, creating opportunities for ongoing customer engagement. Utilizing an inflatable prop as a visual aid for your new product not only enhances the overall appeal of your brand but also provides a unique chance to leave a memorable impression.

Giant Inflatable Hot Sauce Bottle
8' Custom Inflatable Hot Sauce Replica

Why Choose Custom Inflatables for Product Launches?

New products can reignite customer interest, so rolling them out in style can help boost your marketing campaign. Beyond their high visibility and attention-grabbing appeal, our custom inflatables can significantly enhance brand recognition and recall as well. Product launches provide an excellent opportunity to engage with potential clients, especially when distributing samples. People love receiving free items, and having a giant inflatable prop can help make your brand unforgettable.

The Versatility in design and application of our inflatables makes them an invaluable addition to your marketing campaign, thanks to their effortless setup. Many of our custom inflatables, particularly those under 30 feet, are easy to inflate and set up with just 1-3 people. We prioritize usability and convenience in our manufacturing process, allowing for quick and easy deployment in any location. Additionally, our inflatables can be secured with strategically placed anchor points, ensuring stability. In the photo below, you can see Bloom Superfoods bottles suspended inside a convention center booth at a health expo.

Inflatable Bottle Replica for Food
6' Bloom Superfoods Bottle Replicas

Employing an inflatable prop for product launches offers a cost-effective advertising solution compared to traditional methods. In today's social media-driven world, there's no need to invest heavily in expensive billboards or online ads. Viral content can emerge unexpectedly, and a giant inflatable replica can significantly boost your chances of achieving that viral success.

Engaging and interactive elements in our designs ensure that our inflatables are truly bespoke on many levels. For instance, we can incorporate custom features such as visual enhancements or structural modifications. These can include unique additions like tunnels or transparent sections that provide a clear view of the inflatable's interior, creating novel ways for people to interact with the structure. Elevating the inflatable to allow people to walk underneath it can also amaze onlookers with its impressive scale.

Inflatable Fruit Replica
50' Inflatable Cranberry - Ocean Spray

Types of Custom Inflatables for Product Launches

Giant Product Replicas

Inflatable bottles are very popular for new beverage launches. As with most beverage companies, many are often producing new flavors that are in need of promotion. That's where our inflatable drink replicas come in! Since we manufacture all our custom inflatables in-house, we can make them as big as you want. Our giant inflatable replicas can be made as large as 50 feet like the massive cranberry you see in the image above. Huge inflatables create a memorable visual impact that can help people remember your brand.

Mascots and Characters

In the past, we’ve created some impressive custom inflatable characters, such as this 30-foot Nike Martian. Commissioned for an Airmax shoe promotion, this inflatable mascot showcases the impact of large-scale inflatables. Its towering size ensures visibility from a distance, making it an unmissable presence at any event. This 30-foot giant exudes charisma and uniqueness on multiple levels, captivating audiences effortlessly. Events featuring such distinctive inflatables significantly enhance brand personality and foster customer engagement.

Giant Inflatable Mascot
30' Nike Airmax Martian

Interactive Inflatables

Football fanatics of all ages will be thrilled to know that we can create giant interactive football games, reminiscent of carnival attractions. These inflatables allow participants to throw or practice kicking the ball, providing an engaging and fun experience. Inflatable courses or games themed around a new product offer an excellent opportunity to interact with potential customers. This type of inflatable delivers a hands-on experience that entertains attendees and fosters memorable brand interactions. We can also make interactive inflatables for soccer and basketball, as well as bowling and inflatable horse shoe toss.

Inflatable Football Game
25' Interactive Inflatable Football Game

Sealed/Airtight Models

We manufacture our inflatables in multiple styles, including sealed inflatables, also known as airtight inflatable models. These airtight inflatables are constructed with two layers: an exterior printed shell and an interior air bladder. While the internal component is airtight, the exterior cover is not. By combining these two layers, we create durable airtight product replicas in various shapes. Additionally, airtight inflatables have the advantage of not requiring constant inflation, unlike most other inflatable products we produce. This benefit is particularly useful when setting up in remote areas without power sources. If needed, small generators can be used for both styles of inflatables, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Beverage Prop Replicas
6' Airtight Inflatable Can Replicas

Previous Product Launches Using Inflatables

Ghost Energy Drink Product Launch For this product launch, a 10-foot inflatable product replica was utilized. This cold air inflatable was digitally printed and meticulously designed to resemble the promotional item—in this case, an energy drink can. The Ghost Energy can replica was prominently displayed outdoors at various venues such as fairs and expos. In addition to these events, the inflatable can be strategically placed at sports events or outdoor concerts to attract large crowds. Pairing the inflatable with engaging brand ambassadors can further enhance the promotion, drawing attention and encouraging social media interactions.

Energy Drink Replica
10' Ghost Energy Drink Inflatable Replica

F2F Genetics Network Inflatable Corn Seed Bag Product Launch

This realistic corn seed bag was primarily used outdoors at fairs and conventions. The bag replica was digitally printed with high-resolution graphics, showcasing intricate details. We have the capability to replicate virtually anything, and this corn seed bag served as an effective promotional tool. Its large fifteen-foot size ensured it attracted attention from a distance, significantly boosting visibility. Additionally, this eye-catching inflatable was simple to set up, providing convenience for the client.

Inflatable Seed Bag
15' Corn Seed Bag Replica

Designing Your Custom Inflatable for a Product Launch

When it comes to designing your inflatable, we can help you every step of the way. As long as you have a concept in mind, we can help make your vision a reality. We have a group of designers on standby that are ready to create a mockup to help you envision what we're capable of inflating. Because here, what we create, we inflate.

From initial consultation and concept development, we can come up with a valid design that will fits your needs. With our 40 years of experience, we have developed a collaborative process with our clients. Our printing practices allow for accurate color matching using the Pantone Matching System. Your design and customization specifications are paramount, so if there's anything that needs changing, we're here to help.

Inflatable Fries Replica
10' Inflatable Crinkle Cut Fries - Phone Eats First

Quick Setup

We provide all the accessories required for a fast and easy setup. If you’re unsure how to set up your inflatable, we’ll supply a detailed instruction guide to assist you through the process. Typically, the setup involves plugging the inflatable into a power source, turning on the blower system, and guiding the inflatable as it fills with air. Additionally, our customer support team is available to answer any setup questions you might have. For larger inflatables, we offer optional local on-site assistance to ensure a smooth installation.

Bird Food Inflatable Replica
10' Bird Food Bag & 5' Bird Snack Stack

Maximizing the Impact of Your Inflatable at the Launch

Placement and Positioning

Placement and positioning are crucial for maximizing the impact of your inflatable. To truly impress your guests, ensure that the inflatable is in a prominently visible location. Strategic anchor points are essential for achieving maximum visibility. When you purchase a custom inflatable from us, we can design custom anchor points, allowing you to rig your inflatable in any desired configuration. This flexibility significantly enhances the aesthetics of your booth or display.

For example, the custom inflatable space plane in the image below would look stunning when suspended from the interior of a planetarium. The sight would evoke amazement in both children and adults alike, creating a memorable and engaging experience. Proper placement not only boosts visual appeal but also enhances the overall impact of your promotional event.

Inflatable Space Shuttle
30' Inflatable Dream Catcher Spaceplane Replica (1:1 Scale) - Sierra Space


We have lift-off. With a rock solid marketing plan and a giant inflatable prop to aid in the campaign, you're set for success. Explore creative advertising solutions with custom inflatables. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide quotes and help you with ideas.


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