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Custom Inflatable: Tyga Shoe Replica

Updated: Jun 7

Manufacturing custom inflatables is one of our many specialties. This giant shoe replica is a custom shoe that a rapper who goes by Tyga had us recreate on a large scale. We had to create unique patterns and layouts for the inflatable to be able to look exactly how they wanted it.

So, we had their design team lay out specifications on color, shape and size and then we got to work digitizing it on a 3D modeling software that helps us pattern it so that we can print and manufacture it. Being able to map artwork correctly also helps with how the final product will look and so we go through great lengths to make replicas look as close as possible to the concept or product in itself.

Custom Inflatable Tyga Shoe
Giant Inflatable Shoe Replica

We have been manufacturing large shoe replicas for quite some time now and we have built quite a few. If you want to see other examples, follow the blue link where you will see other shapes and designs we have made in the past.

Giant inflatable shoe replica: Tyga Wavy
Custom Inflatables: Wavy Shoe for Tyga


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