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Custom Inflatable Peach

Updated: Mar 27

This inflatable peach is 12 feet tall and it was replicated from a real peach that we photographed and used to create the shape of the replica. The graphics were sourced and altered to look as detailed as possible without it being a solid color or having some boring and repetitive texture.

Custom Inflatable Peach
Giant Inflatable Peach Replica

While you might think it is a perfectly round shape, we worked really hard to make it a bit top heavy while keeping a proportionate spherical size. The bottom half is curved but far less rounded than the top half where the fruit connects to the stem and is far more plump. when we create a perfectly round orb we use a mathematical formula to create wedges based on the final size and then they connect to one another just fine. This inflatable was different. Each wedge was slightly altered to make it have a unique shape!

So, to recap, the two things that make the orb section of the inflatable realistic are the shape, which was a custom shape, and the unique graphics that simulate the colors of a ripe peach. Once we had that down, we designed some leaves and a little stem to hold it all together and add a bit of depth to the final inflatable.

10 ft. Giant inflatable peach replica
Inflatable Fruits: Peach

We pay attention to detail to a degree we know that no other competitor does. This helps us stand out with true attention to craftsmanship and a durable build quality that is truly unparalleled by anybody. Also, this is just a peach and we made it so that it could be part of our inventory but keep in mind that we can create unique inflatables in just about any shape. As long as you're not breaking the laws of physics with your custom shape, we can build it.

If you want to see other examples of giant inflatable fruit replicas, follow the blue link and learn more about how they are made and browse through pictures of other projects we've made in the past.


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