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Custom 10x10 Inflatable Misting Station

Updated: Jun 6

Inflatable structures are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and variations. The more popular ones are inflatable tents and tunnels but during summer, especially in the heat of summer, the inflatable misting station is the most popular.

Custom 10x10 Inflatable Misting Station

These inflatables have a fine mist that seeps out of a nozzle system that is attached to the entire structure. Within the structure there are attachment points that line up with the misting system and secure it in place. Another feature for inflatable structures is that we are one of the company's that is capable of printing on large structures and making it look nice. For example, this inflatable tent is a 10x10 foot cube but we are capable of manufacturing a very large inflatable tent with dimensions in the 50x100 or larger. All with print and custom imaging if needed.

10x10 inflatable cooling misting tent Langley

This inflatable misting station was made for a town that wanted to have it at events for summer days. This way, constituents would be able to cool off when they came across it at events. It's a fun piece that can bring attention from passerby form interest from event goers.

If you want to see more misting stations, follow the blue link and it will take you to a page where you can see other examples and designs.


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