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Inflatable Arches: Twisted Tea

Updated: Oct 26

Our team worked closely with the Twisted Tea marketing team to create an arch that represented their brand and would make a statement at events. This particular inflatable was used for a t.v. commercial that had the arch show up for a few seconds.

The inflatable arch we designed is made from high-quality materials that we then customized with their graphics. It features a bright yellow color that is consistent with Twisted Tea's branding. The arch is also printed with the Twisted Tea logo and some additional branding elements that make it stand out. Each leg of the arch is shaped like their can.

We made sure that the arch was easy to set up and take down, so that it could be used at a variety of events. The arch inflates quickly using an electric blower, and it can be easily deflated and packed up for transportation.We are very proud of the custom inflatable arch that we created for Twisted Tea. It is a unique and eye-catching piece of marketing collateral that helps to promote the Twisted Tea brand at events and festivals.

Branded Inflatable Arch Twisted Tea
Custom Inflatable Arch: Twisted Tea


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