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Pop Up Tents

Custom pop up tents are one of the most popular marketing items available to anyone who attending events like a farmer’s market, business trade shows, or even for you to host events yourself. So what is a custom pop up tent? They are the best canopy tents that serve as a canvas for you to take your brand with you because we can print anything on them. These canopy frame tents are extremely useful because you can have it customized in any way you like and they are also super portable and easy for you to use. Getting it set-up only takes a matter of minutes and it is so easy one person can do it. The whole tent is also easy to transport because our best selling packages come with a roller bag for the tent frame while the printed tent top comes in a heavy duty vinyl bag that allows you to fit multiple customized items in it. Every custom pop up tent comes with a 3 year warranty that allows you to use the canopy both indoors and outdoors without worrying about the print fading, smudging or scratching off our vinyl material.

Every one of our custom pop up tents is composed of two main elements which consist of a frame and a tent top. Our tent frames offer incredible warranties that no other custom tent comes with because we have refined them to the point where we are confident that the frames are the best possible and since we make them no one else can offer anything similar in quality to these frames. All custom canopies are made with your choice of materials that we offer and then they are printed with the latest technology to guarantee great outdoor longevity. These materials are either vinyl or polyester and they both have their slight differences but they both look great with logos printed on them. You can also select from a couple of our coatings whether it is the gloss or the matte coating and these options will allow you further customize your canopy by giving it a glossy shine or a matte finish. By the time you are done with the process you will have made a new great marketing tool for your business to grow, for your brand to expose itself, and for your next event to be more professional. The process of ordering a custom pop up canopy is simple and we also provide free renderings during the whole process to help you decide how to design your canopy along the way. Also, if design is not your greatest gift we have in-house designers who are exceptionally talented and they will make sure to bring your ideas to life in the best way possible.

After we print your custom canopy we inspect every inch of it to make sure the print is beautiful and everything about it is awesome. All of the custom pop up tents produced are double checked by multiple teams and they are fitted on their pertaining frame to make sure every was finished perfectly. We then prepare everything for shipping and send it out to you, or if you are nearby you can either pick it up or have us deliver it to you. We produce everything in-house in our facility in Los Angeles.

We also offer cost effective packages that can help you save money while still helping you get the best pop up tent available in the world, literally! Ask one of our sales associates about our pop up tent packages. Our tent packages are custom pop up tents that range from the more basic designs to very complex packages. Most of our canopy packages also include a 10% discount and every accessory  included in them is fully printable. You can print your logos, signage and verbiage on them or if you have beautiful imagery we can print that as well, as long as the files sizes you send us are large enough to print. 

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