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Giant Inflatable: Strawberry Replica

Updated: Jun 14

We have a lineup of inflatable fruit replicas that we have been working on developing for quite some time now. We have had inflatable fruits in the past but they were painted by hand with an airbrush. As a matter of fact, our designers used to also directly paint some of our inflatables themselves. It was not the most efficient way to go about adding graphics onto large inflatables but it was the only way in the late 80's and early 90's.

Giant Inflatable Strawberry
Giant Inflatable Strawberry

In 1993, we received one of the first large format printers and started directly printing onto the material for inflatable replicas. This printed would print 1 square meter ever 4 hours and it was limited in print resolution.

Even though the technology was not the best, we adopted it because we had a lot of ideas that we could implement if we could continue utilizing direct to fabric print technology. Today, printing has come a long way and we are able to print with far better image resolutions and far more detail. Not only are we able to print with higher resolutions but we are also able to control colors far better than before and printing true to life images is easier than before. Don't get us wrong though, it's easier but it is still an artform. It requires a lot of attention to detail from our design department and they have to be able to communicate that to our printing department so that the final product looks as realistic as possible.

Giant inflatable strawberry replica
Inflatable Fruits: Strawberry

This giant strawberry is part of our inflatable fruits and vegetables line-up which consist of over 10 different replicas of other grocery items. These are all available for either purchase or rent and if you are unable to find what you are looking for, let us know and we will create it from scratch, just for you!

If you want to see other examples of inflatable fruits and vegetables, follow the blue link where you can find pictures and more information about them and how they are used.

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