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Giant Inflatable Megalodon Shark

Updated: Jun 14

Some prehistoric animals are not that easy to model and create replicas of. Especially when they are so big and when we have a very limited data on how they looked, what color they were and what their actual size was. Others, like this Megalodon, we do have more info and modern versions of them to base a model from. There are also well documented fossils of their jaws that help with the scaling of their body's total size.

If you boil it down to the most basic version of what this shark was, it was a giant great white shark. It measured 50-60 feet and it was one of the larger predators of its time. This shark is a favorite amongst t.v. shows, documentaries, museums and exhibitions.

Giant Inflatable Megalodon Shark
Inflatable Shark Replica
40 ft. Giant Inflatable Megalodon Shark

This giant inflatable animal measures 45 ft. long and 8-10ft in width (varies.) In order to replicate the shark we had to gather very high resolution images of great white sharks and then we adapted it to a large model once we created a 3d model. After mapping the artwork onto the inflatable, we created patterns that we could print in sections. Our design team and printing/production team then went ahead and worked hand in hand to be able to replicate colors, images and fine details in the inflatable shark replica.

We also manufacture other inflatable animals and if you want to see other examples, follow the blue link to see pictures and more information about what we are capable of manufacturing.

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