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Custom Inflatable: Red and Blue Archway

Updated: Jun 14

While we have standard shapes for inflatable arches, we sometimes receive request for custom shapes and sizes. On top of that, most arches are a solid colored but this client came up with a completely unique vision of what they wanted us to manufacture for them. They also went with completely unique dimensions that they wanted us to specifically match.

Custom Inflatable Archway
Custom Inflatable Arch
Custom Inflatable Red and Blue Round Archway
Custom Inflatable Arch with Custom Colors

Its outer dimensions is 15x15 and the inner dimensions has a 9.5 foot circumference, since it is a circle inside, and the internal width opening on the ground is 7.5 feet wide. The design is what we call a baffled structure design which you can see rectangles running across the arch every foot or so. This allows the structure to hold its shape properly while also making it structurally sound.

At the same time, they wanted to have a custom colorway with a gradient running from red to blue and a texture running along the entirety of the arch.

An inflatable like this take about 8-10 minutes to inflate and once it is installed it is easy to tie down. All you need is a power source to plug in the cable to the blower system that keeps it inflated.

Take a look at other inflatable arches that we have manufactured for clients in the past. These are all examples that we have manufactured here in our facility in Southern California. We design, build and ship from this facility. We also have a couple of inflatable arches for rent and of course, if you need to have us manufacture a custom shape or size, just let us know and we will work with our design team to make your arch come to life.

As a matter of fact, we will create free 3D mockups for you to see how the final product will turn out. If you don't like how it looks or need to change some dimensions, we will. Take a look at the rendering we created for them before beginning production.

Red and Blue Inflatable Arch
Custom Inflatable Arch: 3D Rendering


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