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Custom Inflatable Animals

Custom Inflatable Animals are versatile, fun, and effective marketing tools that can increase visibility as well as attract consumers to your business or event. Promotional Design Group has been innovating inflatable design for over 25 years, and our hyper-realistic animal inflatables are undeniable proof of our expertise and commitment to quality. These furry or scaly reproductions seem to attract a crowd wherever they are. The bigger size inflatables are often photo blasted by curious onlookers, which will most likely end up on social media. The more exposure your business or organization gets, the better. It’s all about being seen, right? Well, these realistic inflatable animals might do just that and then some. If you’re looking for an easy to set up inflatable marketing tool that can be fully customized, realistically printed, and shipped within a few weeks, check out our customizable inflatable animals

These realistic animals are cool, but what about logos and branding? Well, since everything that we produce is printed in-house, we can print logos onto your custom inflatable animal with minimal effort. PDG has an extensive design department that can add any type of text, logos, or images to your custom inflatable. Our team will work with you to make sure everything comes out the way you want. At PDG, we’re all about collaboration. If you have ideas, let us know! We love hearing out our clients, even if they have wild ideas. With free renderings, you don’t have to worry about getting charged for preliminary designs. Our design team can produce high-quality mock-ups within hours. Don’t believe us? Put us up to the test and find out what we’re capable of.

Dragons, Dinos, and Iguanas?

What’s your spirit animal? A dragon? Maybe a Tyrannosaurus Rex? It could quite possibly be an iguana, like the one in the video below. Whatever it might be, you can get an inflatable version of it to keep around and look at. Or you could use it to promote your business, which probably makes more sense. With hundreds of inflatable animals that we’ve designed in the past, chances are we may have something you’re looking for already. Unique inflatable animal shapes are probably going to have maximum effect over the usual animals most people are used to seeing. Fantastical beasts, such as our dragon could probably have amazing effects on consumers’ interest. Many popular brands are already associated with animals, like Lacoste, Ecko, or an obvious one like american eagle outfitters. These companies are in an ideal situation where getting a custom inflatable animal with branding makes perfect sense.

Realistic Printing

From scales to fur, we can make some super realistic custom inflatable animals. Our über talented inflatable designers can do some pretty cool, Hollywood special effects type stuff when it comes to these customized inflatable animals’ skin texture. Everything from lighting direction, to shadowing and color can make the biggest difference in achieving a realistic texture-like print surface for these animals. Our designers must master several art and design programs in order to fully recreate a life-like organic surface, such as the skin of an animal. At PDG, we’ve designed reptiles, mammals, crustaceans, and ocean dwellers to name a few. It doesn’t matter if the animal has scales, fur, or a shell, our designers can create it all. Our giant inflatable sea turtle is a perfect example of hyper-realism at the surface level of these unique inflatables, literally and figuratively.

Perfect for Museums

These highly realistic animal inflatables are perfect for museums and exhibitions. Their attention to detail make them attract attention in return. What a nice universe. If you have an outdoor exhibition or event, these giant inflatable animals can really boost the ambiance. These custom inflatable animals can really create a scene that will be shared online through social media. Our designers are quite diligent when it comes to anatomical research of the requested project. We put in the time to really understand the anatomy so that the end result is true to nature.

Pet Rescue Shelters

Animal rescue shelters, can dramatically increase their adoption rate by promoting their location with a big, realistic dog or cat. Since cats and dogs are among the most popular pets, there are times where people have them and don’t neuter them, resulting in unwanted offspring. These unchecked babies are sometimes too much for a family to handle, so they give them up to shelters. A custom inflatable dog could help save hundreds of pets that would otherwise go onto the next realm. 

Animals for Activism

Our inflatable animals can have quite the impact. Many organizations have great intentions, but their marketing materials might not be up to par. Having a huge inflatable animal would probably gather a crowd, wherever it is. We can help you create something that will end up on the news! Which would be good for your organization. Our custom inflatable animals are highly transportable, making them convenient to set up anywhere you go. If you’re looking to spread an important message, use a highly detailed inflatable to help your cause.


As you can see, these inflatable animals can have some serious impact on a variety of applications. From mom and pop shop, to huge corporation or museum, these custom inflatable animals will help expose your brand. Fully customizable, these digitally printed creatures can have all the logos you want. If you want something never created before, we can do that too! Since we use the top materials available, these industrial strength inflatables will last you years. Stop trying to figure out if we’re the company for you and just give us a call. Give us a chance to woo you.

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