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Pop up tents are one of the easiest promotional products to install, remove and relocate because of their lightweight frames and easy to use tent tops. These canopies are also easy to transport and they allow you to take your organization's theme anywhere you go. If your next event is at the beach, in a office, outside a storefront, in a farmer’s market, or in a convention these canopies can be a great tool to have your team headquarters for everyone around to see. These canopies are all custom printed with company logos, branded graphics, or large images that have incredible detail.They can further be customized by adding accessories that can further help people recognize you regardless of where you are. Canopy accessories are inexpensive and they can help you do a lot of things like having a fully printed menu, lighting your tent, or having some sort of transport for you to store and move the whole canopy long distances without it being a hassle. Below you will find a list of the current line of accessories for your canopy with us outlining which are more popular or what you can use them for.

Custom Ad Flags are one of the most popular advertising flags worldwide because everyone uses them to print their signage or messages. They are usually installed outside of shops to help passersby locate businesses easier and they work because they are bright and eye-catching because they wave with the wind. They can also be double sided because sometimes they are waving in the wind but the print is backwards because the wind isn't headed in the same direction as the signage. The easy fix for that is a flag that allows you to recognize your brand regardless of where you are looking at it from, hence the double sided flag.

Roller Bags are incredible items for pop up canopy tents because they allow you to transport your tent in an easier manner rather than carrying everything for your canopy individually. In a roller bag you can place your frame and small articles that go with your tent all in the same bag. The tent top will go in a separate shoulder bag that is easy to carry (which we provide for free). The beauty about the roller bag is that it has wheels so you are able easily drag it anywhere without straining your back trying to carry a frame in an awkward way, even though the frames are not that heavy. The only frame that can have a noticeable weight difference is our econo-max because it is made of steel as opposed to all of our other frames which are made of aluminum.

The Rhino Roller Hard Case® is a heavy duty case that allows you to fit your canopy frame and top. This is one of the special frame cases that comes for free with a titanium pop up tent package. The Rhino Roller Hard Case® comes with wheels with allow you to roll the case anywhere you need to. It is so sturdy that it would even let you take it through rough terrain without worrying too much about the state in which it will be. Since we first developed and offered them as a product we have seen nothing but good feedback from them because of their high performance. It is definitely one of the most popular sellers because of its portability and its ability to carry so many items within it.

Shelter Lights have been a huge success since their inception. We started working on their development over a year ago and now they are one of our most popular items that we offer to all of our customers. They are incredibly lightweight and they hold an incredible 8 hour (on high brightness) charge capacity. They are very useful because they do not require cables for you to run through your canopy and they are very easy to install. They have a side button that controls all of its functions and it is only a matter of pressing it once or multiple times to have it in your required setting. Four of these lights will provide enough lighting to keep your entire canopy lit during almost any hour of the night. They are perfect for event tents that will be setup during night events like farmer’s markets, or just late night special occasion.

Sky banners are incredibly popular because they add graphics to a tent top while being removable. They take no longer than five to ten minutes to setup and the take down is even easier. They are printed in the same vinyl we print our high quality tent tops. They are also treated with our anti U.V. coating to ensure they last in the sun without fading or ink chipping. They allow you to place a menu, custom signage, and logo for passerbys to see. Since it is on top of your tent it is over nine feet tall and highly visible to anyone who passes by and it will be easy to see from afar because it spans ten feet across your tent with a height of three feet. Sometimes there is clutter at tent events and a sky banner is tall and easy to spot and you will stick out from the rest because they aren’t a common sight.

Table counters change the entire functionality of your canopy. They help you while serving food, displaying a product, or helping people fill out forms. You can also use them to place your business cards or flyers you are handing out. They can also be printed and further customized to to look exactly as you want. Color matching is also an option for it and we are perfect at it because we use the perfect color matching methods to ensure color accuracy. This way if you go to an event you can have all of your personalized items be the exact same color.

Table covers are so popular that we have gone ahead and included it in three of our packages. The Gold, Titanium, and Mercury packages are beautiful combinations of our best selling product, the pop up canopy, and they include the table cover. They are can be either fitted or loose and completely printed on your preferred media. They come in both vinyl and polyester and they look great in both. The vinyl is amazing because you can clean it in a matter of seconds but the polyester absorbs anything spilled on it and it can be thrown into the washer to be cleaned. They are incredible instruments that will allow you to have your tables covered in your signage, logo, or images that resonate with who you are.

All of our canopies can be fitted with our accessories and in some instances our standard frame tents can be too. These happen to be our best selling accessories but we are not limited to just these add-ons because we have a great deal more under our belt. You can add back walls and side skirts or you can look at our package options and for inspiration. We would love to answer any questions you might have so feel free to contact us, plus we generate free rendering mockups of how the final products are going to look so you have a clear idea of how the entire project will look before any purchase is made. Also, if you cannot decide which of the accessories is for you we can help you select something to fit your needs.

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