Misting Stations

Some summer events can have merciless heat, especially events like concerts or large outdoor music festivals held in the desert, (we’re looking at you, Coachella). Don’t let your guests pass out due to heat exhaustion! Our inflatable Misting Stations are great at cooling people down in Hades hot weather. These misting tents spray a fine, cool mist from a portable misting unit that will provide a cool breeze for your attendees. These inflatable tents come in handy during sports competitions, races, or even as a fun attraction at a party. 

Beat the heat with this product!

Heat exhaustion is a real thing, and we’d like to avoid that as much as humanly possible. Fortunately, a cool mist will help people cool down a bit. These tents also look fabulous and attract a lot of attention if you’re in need of a visibility boost.