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What is an Inflatable Tent?

Updated: Mar 15

An inflatable tent is an inflatable structure in the shape of a tent. Since it is inflatable it does not have to comply to the basics of a tent like having a tent top and a frame individually but rather it can have both of them meshed into one so all you have to do it is inflate it. It also doesn't have to adhere to the rules of tent manufacturing with a common shape and size. Inflatable tent design is flexible and can be molded, shaped and sculpted into just about any shape. For example Keen, one of our clients wanted a giant inflatable shoe structure that could house people inside. It had to be big enough to be structurally sound and have entryways for customers to come and go.

Custom shaped inflatable tent - Keen sandals
Giant Inflatable Sandal Tent

So, how do we make them?

Our inflatable tent making process is the same as every other inflatable. We first talk to clients about the dimensions, colors and other basic design aspects to see what is both viable and cost effective for our individual client's needs. In terms of manufacturing, we use the exact same heavy duty materials that we employ with all of our large scale inflatables. Our design team then focuses on creating inflatables that are safe. This may lead to the creation of larger legs or thicker walls to ensure the inflatable will not collapse under its own weight.

As far as shape goes, we can manufacture just about any shape. The most common inflatable tent styles include domes, tunnels and large cubic structures. We have also made replicas of barns, taverns and other more conventional styles mimicked in inflatable form.

How do Inflatable Tents work?

Inflatable tents are cold air sustained inflatables. We attach one or more (depending on the size of the inflatable) cold air blowers that will distribute and sustain the inflatable shape with air. This is done by a carefully allocated chamber system we create for each individual inflatable to not only keep its shape but to also ensure the structure is sturdy. For smaller sizes we add internal air blowers that just need to be inflated. For larger tent sizes we add a duct system on a corner of the inflatable where the air blower will attach and feed the inflatable the air it needs to sustain itself. We provide you with the blower system for your specific inflatable so you don't have to purchase it separately. As a matter of fact, we include it in all of our inflatables so that the optimum set up can occur which will ensure a proper lifespan for the inflatable.

How do you set up an inflatable tent?

We do our absolute best to provide every client who purchases a custom inflatable with a dedicated set up video. We also provide similar set up methods for projects that are similar in shape and size. In theory it's all the same. Unroll the inflatable from the storage bag it comes in, plug it in and tie down the anchor points which include rope. Of course, every inflatable is different so ask us if you have questions.

Inflatable Tents vs. Pole Tents

Inflatable tents do not require hours of assembly like pole tents. Pole tents come with a bundle of parts that require assembly. A simple and small tent takes about 30 mins to assemble but a larger tent can take 3-5 hours and require a large crew of personnel to achieve it in that time. With an inflatable tent you can set it up and be ready to host an event in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is inflate the tent and tie it down with the anchoring points that are already attached to the tent. They even include rope for you to tie down.

We covered a couple of the common questions we receive from our clients or parties interested in our products but if you have a question you don't see here, here us know and we will respond to your question or concern in a timely manner.


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