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Patriotic Inflatables: Hot Air Balloon

Updated: Apr 15

Show off your patriotism with a star spangled Red, White, and Blue Hot Air Balloon that looks just like the American flag. These inflatable advertising balloons (also commonly called "rooftop balloons") are ideal for setting up on rooftops.

Patriotic Inflatables: Hot Air Balloon

The base of the inflatable provides roof parapet clearance, so the "good stuff" is nice and visible up on top. There is also a space on the balloon that is designated for a banner, which we can be custom printed, or you can choose from one of our stock banners that feature messages like, "SALE" or "CLEARANCE." Our Red, White, and Blue HABS (Hot Air Balloon Shape) is available for rental or purchase. Subject to availability. Contact us for more information.


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