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Inflatables for Animal Wellness Groups

Inflatable animals for animal wellness organizations are great to use to increase awareness, recognition, and adoption rates while creating community engagement and outreach. High visibility ensures that these organizations become well-known in their communities, attracting volunteers, donors, and adopters. These giant displays can be used in various settings, from the shelter's location to off-site adoption events, parades, and community festivals. Additionally, our giant inflatable animals are cost-effective, reusable, and customizable. We offer discounts to those who serve the animal community, such as shelters, rescues, animal wellness clinics and more. Read on to learn more about the different variations we have, custom options and how you can use them for your organization.

Custom Inflatable Dog
Giant Inflatable: Custom Whimsical Dog

Inflatable Dogs

We have a variety of designs for a giant inflatable dog, from cartoony to realistic versions. Take a look below at all the options we offer for purchase and rent.

Whimsical Dog: This inflatable features a playful and exaggerated design with whimsical features. This pup is excellent for capturing the attention of children and families, making it an appealing attraction at events.

15 Foot Inflatable Whimsical Dog
Giant Inflatables: Whimsical Dog

German Shepherd: This German Shepherd is designed to look realistic. It is ideal for highlighting the appeal of German Shepherds, resonating with potential adopters looking for a dependable and loyal pet.

25 Foot Inflatable German Shepherd
Giant Inflatables: German Shepherd Dog

Chihuahua: This giant Chihuahua’s charming design highlights the appeal of this compact breed. Its cute and delightful appearance is perfect for showcasing the personality and charm of smaller dogs, attracting adopters who are interested in a pet that fits easily into their lifestyle.

15 Foot Inflatable Chihuahua
Giant inflatable: Chihuahua

Labrador Retriever: Our Labrador Retriever can be designed to be realistic or slightly stylized, showcasing the friendly and approachable nature of this beloved breed. Its larger size and friendly demeanor are ideal for outdoor events, where it can attract significant attention.

15 Foot Inflatable Labrador
Giant Inflatable: Labrador Retriever

Inflatable Cats

We have many inflatable cats available for rent or purchase for animal welfare organizations. Below we have examples of our tabby, calico, and black cat.

Brown Tabby Cat: The brown tabby cat offers a realistic depiction of a common and beloved feline coat pattern. This tabby represents the everyday house cat, making it relatable and appealing to any adopter. Its friendly and familiar appearance is perfect for general adoption events and educational programs, where it can serve as a welcoming and approachable symbol.

20 Foot Inflatable Tabby
Giant Inflatable: Tabby Cat

Calico Cat: This calico cat features a vibrant and colorful design that reflects the distinctive and attractive coat pattern of calico cats. This type kitty highlights the uniqueness and diversity of the cats available for adoption. The calico's bright and engaging appearance draws attention and encourages interaction, making it a valuable tool for attracting potential adopters.

Inflatable Calico Cat
Giant Inflatable: Calico Cat

Black Cat: Our black cat stands with mystery and elegance. The black cat's sleek and stylish design emphasizes the beauty and charm, which are sometimes overlooked in adoptions. Its presence at events can help shift public perception and encourage more adoptions of black cats.

25 Foot Inflatable Black Cat
Giant Inflatable: Black Cat

Uses of Giant Inflatable Displays

Owning an inflatable animal opens different opportunities for your organization to stand out and do outreach with your community. Here are a few different ways you can use these giant displays:

Location Identification: Using inflatable cats on top of the building or at the entrance of a rescue or shelter can significantly enhance the visibility and recognizability of the location. This is particularly useful for organizations situated in less prominent areas or those that rely on spontaneous visits.

Adoption Events: Our displays can transform fundraising or adoption events into lively and inviting environments that attract potential donors and adopters. By creating a fun, eye-catching atmosphere, They draw in families and individuals who might otherwise overlook the event. Additionally, these displays can be used as photo backdrops for event photos, encouraging attendees to take pictures and share their experiences on social media.

Parades and Community Events: Featuring inflatables in parades at community events can significantly increase a rescue or shelter's visibility. These dogs or cats can be placed on floats or placed along the parade route. This not only raises awareness about the organization but also highlights its role in the community. Participation in these events helps build a positive public image and can attract new supporters, volunteers, and adopters.

Rent an Inflatable Display

Renting inflatable animals offers a cost-effective, flexible, and maintenance-free solution for animal rescues and shelters. This option allows organizations to access a variety of designs for different events without the investment of purchasing. Renting provides access to the latest designs and technology, keeping events modern and appealing. It also allows for a trial period to determine the most effective display before committing to a purchase.

Custom Inflatables

Incorporating the rescue or shelter's logos and colors into the design is a great option for branding. Mimic a name tag and display your organization's logo on it or customize the dog to hold objects like frisbees with your logo on it. We can also customize your inflatable to use the organization’s specific color scheme.

Add text directly onto inflatables or a removable banner with the organization's website, social media handles or even information to potential adopters and supporters. By including these details, it helps direct communication, guiding interested individuals on how to learn more about the shelter, get involved, or adopt an animal.

In the past, animal service organizations have successfully used inflatable dogs and cats to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of their events, as illustrated by the provided photos.  

In the first photo, the Humane Society of Sedona used giant inflatables of a Chihuahua and an orange tabby cat for a St. Patrick's Day event and at their adoption event location. The bright colors and large size of the displays draw attention from a distance, ensuring that potential visitors can easily find the event. Additionally, they are branded with the organization's logo, reinforcing the Humane Society's identity and making a strong visual impact. 

Inflatable Dog for Adoption Events
Giant Inflatable: Whimsical Dog with Frisbee

In the second photo, Denison Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) has utilized a whimsical dog holding a frisbee to attract visitors to their mobile adoption event. The playful design creates a fun and inviting atmosphere, encouraging families and individuals to stop by and learn more about the animals available for adoption. This giant dog not only serves as a visual attraction but also functions as a photo opportunity, allowing attendees to take memorable pictures that they can share on social media. This helps spread the word about the event and the organization, reaching a broader audience. 

By incorporating these displays, organizations can transform ordinary spaces into vibrant and lively event venues. They help with visibility by attracting attention, and creating a fun, inviting atmosphere that draws families and individuals in. These inflatables can be purchased or rented with no alterations or can be customized with the organization's branding, including logos, colors, and contact information. They can be used in various ways, such as marking entry points, on display at adoption events, or being used at community festivals as backdrops.

If your organization is interested in ordering a giant inflatable animal, contact us today for a quote. We are PAWsitive you won't regret it!


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