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Inflatable Sign: Cute Cloud

Updated: Mar 15

Sometimes custom inflatables are not that complex but rather just something a client wanted to see manufactured at a large scale. This cloud with a happy face is an example of that. They wanted to display it at events and while it was not complex we had fun making it. It's nice to be able to see customers enjoy their inflatables when they presented us with a rough sketch or idea and then watching them see it in real life. It's a very rewarding moment. Sometimes, since we ship them to their final destinations, we don't see it in person but clients will get back to us and tell us how much they love their inflatables.

Inflatable Cute Claud Character
Inflatable Cloud Sign

Custom inflatable cute cloud character
Giant Inflatable Sign of a Cute Cloud

Follow the blue link to a look at other inflatable sings that we have manufactured in the past. We are sure you will like being able to see other examples of what we are capable of manufacturing.


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