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Inflatable Santa Stuck in Chimney

Updated: Apr 18

It looks like Santa might need to burn off a little bit of that extra energy he's got stored. Ha Ha Ha, err, Ho Ho Ho. This Inflatable Santa in Chimney might look like he's trying to break into a house, but he's just looking to drop off some gifts. This adorable accessory is a must have during the Holidays. Perfect for a small get together or even large Christmas parties, this inflatable prop is sure to delight everyone around.

Inflatable Santa Stuck in Chimney

Although it might look odd placed on the floor, the ideal placement for this inflatable is on a rooftop. Designed to be fun and comical, this Santa that's stuck in the Chimney is sure to make children laugh. Lighten up the mood this holiday season with one of our funny Santa inflatables. Made in the USA.


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