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Inflatable Rentals: Giant Snake Cobra

Updated: Apr 17

Inflatable Rentals: Giant Snake Cobra

Cobras are some very interesting creatures. Regarded as higher entities of the afterlife in ancient Egypt or strongly feared by many in other cultures, they are both mythological as well as mystical. Regardless of whether or not you have special reverence for these reptiles, these highly realistic looking cobras will have you mesmerized. They make part of our inflatable inventory and are available in sizes ranging from 8ft up to 30 ft.

These inflatable snakes may not have the ability to shed and grow new skin but we sure do have the technology to reproduce as many different prints, shapes and sizes. We always love making new works and experimenting with existing ones to make better, more intricate and more impressive inflatables. We’ve done so many of these that we thought it would be a good idea to rent them out to those who are not in the market to purchase one. Have an impact presence with some of these bigger than life inflatables available for rental! You can also purchase one and have it custom printed with the logos, signage, or imaging of your choice.


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