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Inflatable Rentals: Giant Inflatable Charro

Updated: Mar 15

Celebrating Mexican Heritage this September? Mexicans take their celebrations seriously! We know, we’ve created some pretty amazing works for many fiesta festivals before. Take for instance this giant inflatable of the Mexican charro, it is the perfect prop and it is available for rental. Go BIG or go home!

Inflatable Rentals: Giant Inflatable Charro

Some of these inflatables can reach up to 30 ft. tall. If this raises any question about safety, we’d like you to know you don’t have anything to worry about; with the proper installation set up, our inflatables are the safest, most reliable items you can display at your event.

Book your inflatable today and check it off your event’s list early on. We can even take care of the installation for you so you can continue to worry about other aspects of your event. Count on us to make your experience easy and to have everything at your event running smoothly. Give us a call, we are here to help.


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