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Inflatable Rentals: Giant Brain Model

Updated: Apr 18

Inflatable Rentals: Giant Brain Model Prefrontal Cortex
Inflatable Rentals: Giant Brain Model frontal lobe

The brain is a complex organ responsible for most of our body's functions. Thinking about moving, running, studying? Thinking about thinking? The brain is responsible for that, in fact it is the only organ that can think about itself! Cool huh? It contains about 86 billion nerve cells without ever being bothered with size. And since there is no real evidence that a larger brain is smarter than a smaller one, feel confident that your brain is astonishing, no matter the size.

This inflatable brain is quite spectacular to watch. We designed it with one purpose in mind: to be a wonderful learning and educational tool for kids and adults alike. It labels segments of the brain for anyone viewing it to get a clear understanding of what area of the brain performs a dedicated function. This 10’ brain inflatable sits on a cylinder base which could perfectly be display at a natural science museum or inside the science room of any other educational institution. The sizes vary from 8’, 10’, 15’, or 20’ feet. Call and ask about renting this inflatable for weeks or months at a time. Or simply to find out more about our rental program.

We have over 1500+ inflatables in a wide range of sizes for you to browse in our inventory. They are all available for purchase or rental and if you do not find what you have in mind, let us know. We can work with you on a custom project to create a unique inflatable.


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