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Inflatable Red Bow

Updated: Oct 24

Christmas is a very interesting Holiday for us. How so? Well, we offer a great deal of Christmas inflatables that we have had request for over the years. This giant Inflatable bow is a classic that can be installed on the side of a business or alongside large items to add a bit of holiday flair. Customers also use it in tandem with signs and/or other Christmas inflatables that we offer.

If you are looking for a custom banner or a large inflatable sign, we can also manufacture that to accompany your inflatable. These large bows are offered in our standard red for rental or purchase or you can completely customize it with a particular color, shape or size. We have a relatively quick turnaround time since we manufacture everything here in the U.S. The Inflatable is made of a very heavy duty material and the print is coated so that the color and graphics are protected from scratches, fading and water.

Inflatable Red Bow
Giant Inflatable Bow

Take a look at this video below to get a sense of how big some of our inflatables are. Large Christmas inflatables have to be manufactured with heavy duty material in order to have it resist the heavy duty attachment points for the ropes that will be used to secure it. They are highly portable and weigh very little in comparison to any large prop of the same size. The entire inflatable also compacts into a small transport bag that can easily be put in the trunk of just about any car. Of course, the larger the inflatable, the larger the overall bundle will be.


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