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Christmas Inflatable: Giant Red Bow

Updated: 4 days ago

At the heart of our Christmas Inflatable collection are our classic inflatable red bows. These bows are available to rent and a great way to add a pop of color to your building or display for the holiday. Ranging from 10 to 16 feet, our sizes are flexible based on your needs. From parades and school events to car dealerships and company buildings, discover below how this giant inflatable red bow is an impactful decoration that can elevate your festivities this season.  

Inflatable Christmas Red Bow Hanging
Giant Inflatable Christmas Bow

Giant Inflatable Bow Display 

Community Events: Incorporating our red bow with our other large inflatable Christmas displays is a perfect way to “tie” it all together. Have our Christmas inflatables on display and capture the moment of families coming together. Families will gather year after year in anticipation for the local event with the giant holiday inflatables. 


School Events: Utilize the large bow as part of stage decor for holiday performances, concerts, or theatrical productions. Whether hung as a backdrop or incorporated into set design, the bow can enhance the festive atmosphere and contribute to the visual storytelling.  With our variations of bows, we are able to fit your school's needs based on the space available. 


Car Dealerships: Our giant red bows can also attach directly to the top of a car to display it as a Christmas gift. They can also be reused for graduation season in the summer. With the different seasons, our bows can survive the cold and hot weather better than the big red car bows. They are made with heavy-duty material and manufactured here in America.   


Company Buildings: If you want a simple way to dress up your building for the holidays. Attaching our simple red bow is the perfect trick to participate in the season. You can also ground mount the display if you do not want it hanging from your building. This is perfect for any building that may be on a busy street or even for an outdoor mall display. Our inflatable red bow can be seen from far away and adds a delicate touch to your building. 


Parade Floats: Elevate your holiday parades by incorporating the oversized inflatable bow as a focal point on your float. Have it as a pop of color with Christmas trees behind it or incorporate it amongst other holiday decor on your float. Our giant inflatables can come with a blower for continuous air or can be sealed for displays that may be on the move. These features make it more accessible for you to showcase one based on what you require.   

Take a look at this video below to get a sense of how big some of our inflatables are. Large Christmas inflatables have to be manufactured with heavy duty material in order to have them resist the heavy duty attachment points for the ropes that will be used to secure them. They are highly portable and weigh very little in comparison to any large prop of the same size. The entire inflatable also compacts into a small transport bag that can easily be put in the trunk of just about any car. Of course, the larger the inflatable, the larger the overall bundle will be. This could also change with the customization options that are featured next. 

Customize Your Bow  

If you are looking for a custom banner or a way to incorporate your own logo or design, we can also manufacture that to be on your inflatable. These large bows are offered in our standard red with our Christmas inflatable rental purposes, but you can completely customize them when purchasing. We have a relatively quick turnaround time since we manufacture everything here in the U.S. The Inflatable is made of a very heavy duty material and the print is coated so that the color and graphics are protected from scratches, fading, and water.  The customizations we offer are as follows:  


Color Customization: Choose from a wide range of colors beyond our standard red. Whether you need a vibrant blue, a subtle green, or a sunny yellow, we can provide a color match that aligns with your corporate identity or event theme.  


Shape and Size: Depending on the holiday event, a promotional activity, or a special occasion, you might need a custom inflatable bow or an oversized dimension. We can create an inflatable Christmas bow that aligns better with your vision.  


Logo Integration: To further personalize your inflatable, we offer logo integration options. You can choose to have your logo or any other branding elements directly printed onto the inflatable, ensuring that it is prominently displayed.   


Banner Display: We also provide the option to attach a removable banner with your logo and text. This allows for easy updates to the inflatables as well as reusing the banners on other seasonal inflatables. This customization can also be incorporated with our rentals since it is removable.

Inflatable Red Bow
Giant Inflatable Bow

As we've seen, our inflatable red bows and custom options offer endless possibilities to elevate your holiday celebrations and promotional events. From adding a festive touch to buildings and parade floats to creating memorable backdrops for school and community gatherings, our inflatables are designed to make a statement. Plus, with our custom color, shape, size, and logo integration options, you can ensure that your display perfectly aligns with your vision and branding needs.  


Don't miss the opportunity to make your next event truly spectacular with one of our durable, eye-catching inflatables. Whether you're ready to rent a classic red bow or customize one to suit your unique requirements, we're here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore all the options available. Our rental quantity is limited, so the earlier you inquire the better! Let's bring your festive vision to life with an inflatable that's as special as your celebration.  



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